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Adapted Bicycle Joyrides

A free community service for anyone that cannot ride independently




What people are saying

"You light up his life"

You light up his life! What you guys do gives our seniors opportunities and experiences they would never otherwise have! Mike’s still talking about his 5 mile ride! And that Blue Heron Fishing in the stream!! Wow! God bless you for all you do! What a ministry!!

-Karen Michele

"Great to connect"

I got a ride!! Get a ride and you can see how seniors can get out and about, the possibilities are endless. So great to connect with them today at DaySpring Senior Living Plano.

-Bobbi Hoenigman

"Real passion"

Shannon Catalano has combined a real passion for biking with a desire make dreams come true for the elderly (and others of all ages!) We are blessed to have crossed paths and to be given the opportunity to partner with Lone Star Wheelers and we look forward to brightening the days of others as we continue to work together!

-Corey Nearpass-Vaillant

1 month post surgery II.jpg

Meet Shannon, our

"Spokes Woman"

Shannon's Grandma Margie just wanted to escape her current reality for awhile. Get a little fresh air and sunshine. Feel independent again. At least that's what Shannon assumed when one day out of the blue Grandma Margie asked to leave memory care so she could ride her bicycle. Unfortunately, Shannon wasn't able to give her beloved Grandma Margie a bike ride, so she is dedicated to giving wheelchair bike rides in her memory.

Smiles for miles...

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